Association rêves

L’association qui réalise les rêves
des enfants très gravement malades.





Novartis a réalisé une action solidaire pour parrainer les rêves des enfants très gravement malades. Grâce à un challenge solidaire : les salariés du siège et lors des séminaires ont été invités à pédaler sur des vélos d'appartement. Pour chaque kilomètre parcouru, Novartis verse 1 euros à Rêves. Lors des derniers séminaires au mois d'août 2017, 6 603 kilomètres ont été réalisés ! un record bien au delà des objectifs initiaux. C'est dire si le challenge a beaucoup plu !


Voici les rêves parrainés par Novartis dans ce contexte : 

Maelyne a approché les dauphins - Noam a rencontré Ocariknights - Iliana rêve de séjourner au Parc Disneyland Paris - Yanis rêve de rencontrer les joueurs de FC Barcelone et de voir un match - Nicolas a séjourné au Parc Disneyland Paris - Rémy a rencontré Black M - David-Alexandre rencontre Squeezie - Rayane rêve d'aller à  Disneyland - Louna a séjourné au Parc Disneyland Paris - Annaele rêve d'assister à  un défilé de Haute Couture - Maxime rêve de rencontrer Thomas Pesquet - Zoé a séjourné au Parc Disneyland Paris

Pierre rêve de faire de la F1 sur circuit - Jane rêve de rencontrer Kendji - Thomas rêve de rencontrer Cristiano Ronaldo - Yohann a rencontré Soprano - Kenzo rêve de séjourner à Paris 

Témoignages :

“Now I’m telling myself that nothing is unreachable… You just need to believe in it !”

Jérémie, 11 years old

Relationship with Amiens' hospital (CHU) :

"Mars 2013, Marie-Juliette arrives in the servic of oncology of professor Chauffert at the CHU of Amiens. Too older to stay in paediatrics, too young to feel at ease at the adult's, Marie-Juliette carries a heavy bag of sufferings, incomprehensions, fears and concerns mixed with a desire to live, to realize her desires of teenager. Her dream: have a luxury stay in front of the sea.

In the CHU of Amiens, Christine Cadran is in charge of the coordination of the route of the patients. She manages the relations of the hospital with families and all the places of welcome out hospital of the patients. Marie - Juliette's family heard spoken about associations which realize the seriously sick dream of the children. Christine inquires, speaks about it to Professor Chauffert, Discuss with her colleagues, department heads but also psychologists, physiotherapists, medical teams... Previously, none of them had collaborated professionally with associations on projects of this type. 

Christine inquires, call the association Rêves. " I was surprised by the professionalism of the people who received me, the precision of their questioning, their concern of consideration of the medical realities, their empathy towards the feelings of Marie-Juliette. Little by little I gained confidence, what did not prevent me from spending a sleepless night during the realization of the dream " indicates Christine. 

Marie-Juliette has already lived on one year at the hospital for painful care with the perspective of rather grim driving handicaps. Professor Chauffert guessed at once how much the teenager could benefit from this project. 

The CHU has moreover just created the DISSPO (Interdisciplinary Department of Care of Supports for the Patients in Oncology). The organization of Marie - Juliette's dream has created a work of intense collaboration between all the people who are next  to her both on the plan medical and psychological and family.

" All the medical team which mobilized discovered a still unknown dimension of the protocol of care"